Letters to the Editor (Pub. July 18, 2018)

Thanks to John Blythe

You probably don’t know him because he’s the behind the scenes, humble, dedicated, not self-glorifying, but behind the scenes volunteering for the community. He’s now going on to his second year as President of the KRVR; he’s chairman of the hospital board, Regional Vice President for the National Exchange Club, lifelong resident of the valley, graduated from KVHS, and while working on movies in LA, the Kern River Valley is still his home. He manages to do all of this voluntarily while constantly in and out of the valley a few days a week. Though sometimes his schedule is chaotic, he still takes time to dedicate himself to the valley and this community. He doesn’t just sit behind a keyboard, but actually gets out to events and meetings in and out of town. John Blythe is a good example of a reputable, clean, representable, dedicated, driven volunteer of our community.
Thank you, John Blythe, for your dedication, voluntarily, to all of us here in the Kern River Valley.

Gloria Sepulveda Henry



Trump’s Record

A lot of nay-sayers don’t believe President Trump has been very successful in improving peoples’ lives and creating more jobs.  Well, let’s take a quick look at his record.

Has President Trump made peoples’ lives better?  You bet he has.  Just look at all those thousands of happy children whose parents he removed – watch them shout for glee, they no longer have parents to tell them what to do.  Just look how many multi-millionaires got generous tax breaks, while those lucky working class folks get to pay more and higher taxes.  Oh, and just see how happy people in the Middle East are, after Trump graciously reassured them they live in —-holes.  And, look what today’s prostitutes are bringing home, thanks to President Trump keeping them all working.  And he sure improved the lives of such stand-up citizens as Joe Arpaio and Roy Moore, didn’t he? And did you see how the Puerto Ricans rejoiced, after President Trump threw them a couple dozen rolls of paper towels?

You can’t accuse President Trump of not keeping any of his promises.

Jason Houston



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