Letters to the Editor (Pub. 3/29/17)

Thank you, Sergeant Nicholson

Thanks to our new Sergeant Nicholson, who backs up his sincerity about having a vested interest in our community. A man of action with numerous arrests in all areas of the law. I appreciate his support of our community and he deserves our thanks.

Ted Brummer


To Kern Valley Hospital

This is a special thank you to the Kern Valley Hospital Emergency Room staff for their work on Friday night, March 17, 2017. What an awesome display of team work you all showed. It was a busy night out there. Everyone seemed to be having breathing problems, my dad included. Dad went to the emergency room with shortness of breath to a dangerous level; it was scary.
Respiratory was amazing in controlling his breathing to a safe level, so he could be transported to Bakersfield. The staff worked hard; they danced on queue every step, like players in a play, with dad’s every need attended to. Wow! I watched as the staff attended each patient as best they could, at all times still checking on patients waiting to be transferred out to a different hospital. They kept mom and me very involved with what was going on. The doctor made sure to let my mom know every step they were performing.

Everyone in this valley knows that the Kern Valley Hospital has made a lot of changes over the years. I, for one, have personally seen these changes, for the better I might add. The hospital needed to grow with the population of the valley. Keep that in mind the next time you or a loved one must go to the emergency room. The staff can only work with what equipment our hospital has and the environment they are given. It is time to support our hospital in its growth, because it is better to have a hospital here in the valley than not to have one at all.
Again, thank you Kern Valley Hospital Emergency Room staff.

Debra Matthews