Letters to the Editor (pub. 2/7/18)

Good Samaritan

Tuesday, Jan. 30, I did a very careless thing. I loaded my groceries at Dollar General in Wofford Heights and left my wallet and phone in the seat of the cart. When I got home and looked for my phone, I realized what I had done, and I was so worried.
I prayed all the way back from Kernville, entered the store and asked, holding my breath, had anyone turned in a brown zippered wallet with a wrist loop strap. The girl working the counter looked for me and asked how else I could describe it, and I said, “It has a lime green phone.”
She held my wallet up, looked at my driver’s license inside and said, “Yep, that’s you!”
I am so thankful to the person who found it in the basket and turned it in! Everything was all inside! God bless you, whoever you are. May you be truly blessed as you made me! Thank you so very much.

Dee Huckelberry



A Matter of Opinion

(Re: First paragraph of “NAMI helps residents cope,” pub. Jan. 31)

“Deal with the stigma associated with mental illness.” That is one point of view. This is another: “Deal with those who say there is one.”
I believe that is what occurred with the Women’s Movement; they dealt with those who said there was a stigma to rape and stopped them, us.
My suggestion to all when confronted with that allegation is to ask, “Specifically what do you mean by that?” and then listen attentively to the responses.
Some of them can be nasty, some can be enlightening.

Harold Maio
Ft. Myers, Fla.

June Cannon - February 11, 2018

As we all enjoy The Olympics try to keep in mind that our local skateboard park still needs our help to become a reality. You never know if we might have some future Olympians right here. They just need a place to start. Wouldn’t that be a thrill to have a GOLD MEDAL winner from Lake Isabella/Bodfish. Remember to buy tickets for the next raffle. I won 4 prizes at the last draw.

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