Letters to the Editor (Pub. 12/20/17)

A Christmas Story That Touched Us

About a month ago, we sold a van to John P. in South Lake. He called us and said he had a gift for us, so that afternoon, he came by our house and gave us a Christmas card and said “Don’t open till I leave.” We went in the house and opened the card. Inside there was $500 dollars in 20 dollar bills that he found in the van under the carpet. We had stashed the money there for emergency purposes and forgotten about it. The point we are making here is that there are still good, honest people like John here in the Kern River Valley. Thanks, John. Merry Christmas.

Steven Selznick
Squirrel Valley



From the Editor: Regarding the Boy Scouts

This week, the Sun received a letter to the editor regarding last week’s front page story, “Boy Scout troop 690 disbands.”

We were initially inclined to print this letter in the interest of representing dissenting viewpoints. However, a review of online records suggested that the identity the submitter provided and the identity that the Sun confirmed may be in conflict.

The Sun’s policy is, and always has been, not to print anonymous letters. We allow people to use our platform to express their opinions; however, we do this with the condition that they take personal responsibility for the consequences of publicly stating those opinions.

If we are unable to confirm an identity, we are making an exception that is unfair to both our sources and our other submitters.

Because all of those who spoke with the Sun regarding the Boy Scouts did so with confirmed identities, we will continue to hold letter submissions to the same standard.

Ashley Loza
Managing Editor