Letters to the Editor (pub. 1/1/18)

Nowhere to Go

My sister and I were both living on Paintbrush Ct. Unfortunately, my sister passed on July 6, 2017, 3 weeks after she received her home from Kern County, as our home burned to the ground in the Erskine Fire. I was devastated. Two days later, I got very sick and was traumahawked to Bakersfield. Was there for about 13 days. When I got out, the kid that was staying with us had invited his sister and four children to live there without my permission. So I had no place to go. I’m staying with my daughter and ex-husband for the time being. I make the 8th person in a small, three bedroom house. I can’t stay much longer. I have been trying everything I could to get them out. I have no money and no way to get them out. The thing here is that the two adults that live there, the mother is a con artist. She worked at Mount Mesa Hospital for 19 years as a nurse without creditable paperwork. I’d just like to know why Kern County doesn’t do anything about all the squatters in Lake Isabella. Thank you for at least listening. I’m going to be homeless very soon, and because of these people, I have nowhere to go.

Terry Zenner
South Lake