Letters to the Editor (Pub. 08/29/2018)

Angels at KVHD

If you’ve been a resident in the Kern River Valley for a while, chances are you’re aware that we have our own Emergency Room, a hospital, and a skilled nursing facility, in Mountain Mesa. If you’ve been in the valley for years, as my family has, chances are you have used one or more of the services they provide. (I hope you’re all better now.) As small communities go, we’re lucky these medical services exist, saving us from a trip down the canyon in pain. The thing is, over the years the valley gossip mill has been pretty rough in its opinion as to the overall quality of care provided by all three of these facilities. In an attempt at “full disclosure,” there very well may be a few staff and administrators still serving time for violations which did happen years ago. Scary stuff. BUT I’m here to shout from the roof tops, THINGS HAVE CHANGED. In a nutshell, the quality of services that are now being provided to us are not only excellent, they are life-saving. From the ER doc and staff who saved my life, to the administration and support staff who have just made the painful experience of my 91 year old mom’s transition from home to nursing care, not only somehow bearable but warm, supportive, efficient, safe and highly professional. So far each and every employee we’ve dealt with from nurses to admin, aides to kitchen, the caliber of each is beyond impressive. I probably shouldn’t name names because I can’t name all, but thank you Irena, Robin, Vanessa and ER doc “C” from Culver City. There are many more. There is a quote from the Bible that says, “And He will give His angels charge of us…” If you find yourself in need of medical care, rest easy. Angels at KVHD are there for you.

Nancy Walker


Nuui Cunni Parking Lot Hazard

I am following up on Phil Brennan’s letter to the Editor in the June 11, 2018, Kern Valley Sun newspaper regarding the Army Corps of Engineers. I am a volunteer at Nunni Cunni on Saturdays when we are serving “Indian Tacos.” The reason for my letter is my concern over the lack of any signage in the parking lot adjacent to Nunni Cunni that leads to the newly installed “boat ramp.” How to exit from the parking lot at Nunni Cunni onto Hwy 155 is not only confusing, it is downright dangerous. It would appear that the obvious way out of the parking lot would be to go back up the road that you came in on. But that is a mistake in that there are cars, trucks and boats coming down that road leading to the boat ramp. The way out is actually to drive around the parking spaces and up past the Ranger’s station and therefore on to Hwy 155 either going to Lake Isabella or to Kernville. I was advised that this was the “correct, safe” route from the gentlemen at Nunni Cunni. Hopefully, someone in charge will resolve this matter soon and have the necessary signage installed before there is a serious accident.

Noreen Bernier


Reservations for Skate Park Fundraiser

Absolutely loved the wonderful article in last week’s Kern Valley Sun newspaper about the Kern River Skate Park. Thanks Ashley Loza. Just want everyone to have the phone number for reservations and more details about the Drenching-Wet Kern River Rafting Skate Park Fundraiser. It is 1-800-400-7238.
The support of Kern River Valley residents and visitors continues and this over-night rafting trip is a fun way to help make the skate park a reality soon.

Karene R. Williams – Volunteer Treasurer
Lake Isabella

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