Letters to the Editor (Pub. 08/08/2018)

Road Complaint

This is a complaint letter as to the condition of the newly paved roads in Isabella.
Our roads have been ignored for several years now, some are near failing, and then the county comes along with this awful waste of our tax dollars and puts a bandage over the bleeding arteries (our roads.)
Just how long is this supposed to last? In my neighborhood, where I walk each morning, I am looking at four different streets that have had that cheap overlay placed on the old asphalt. I can see where there was no asphalt laid down and just that tar/oil substance that the new asphalt was to adhere to. The cracks are still visible and the asphalt so thin in many areas that my footsteps make an impression in it and right down to the old asphalt.
The clincher: when I asked Mick Gleason (our county supervisor) to get involved, he replied that this is what the county wanted. It is not a rolled asphalt process. The cars pack it down.
Come up to Isabella, Mick Gleason, and I can show you the lousy job done. This is a gross misuse of our tax dollars and will not last for very long either. I will bet that other towns in the county have not received this insulting blacktop paving procedure. Boy, the Kern River Valley gets little from the county.
I certainly hope that this is posted in The Sun and that enough people read it and consider a class action lawsuit against the county roads department. I also cannot believe that the finished work has been approved. How you gonna re-stripe over this on Erskine Creek Road?

David Smith
Lake Isabella



Kudos to KVHD

A big thank you to KVHD for their Physical and Occupational Therapy. The therapists and staff are very professional and knowledgeable. They helped my husband with rehabilitation following his heart surgery. AND also to the ER team who diagnosed the heart issues and transported him immediately. We are so grateful to have such dedicated health care professionals in the Kern River Valley.


Rose and Gar Brock
Wofford Heights


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