Letters to the Editor (Pub. 07/10/2019)

KVHS Reunion

Kern Valley High School
Class of 1979
40 Year Class Reunion
Also invited KVHS Classes 1976-1982

Your reunion was absolutely awesome. It was celebrated on June 22, 2019, at Rivernook Campground in The Meadow. This provided a perfect setting to enjoy delicious food catered by Hodel’s, visiting, music and dancing. It was a festive event. All the classmates who were veterans were introduced and received a standing ovation. The “Memory Wall” was to honor the classmates who had passed away.

There were great stories and memories relived on the evening of June 22. The turnout was overwhelming.

A special thanks to the team of graduates (Sandi Borthick Johnstone, Jennifer James Wagner and others who made this event so special).

Thank you.

Myrna Sweeney
Lake Isabella

Fireworks Show

I feel we are truly blessed living in the Kern River Valley and have a chamber that cares enough to have a fireworks show every year! This year was great and the finale was the best I’ve seen. My hat is off to the Kern River Valley Chamber; I will be sending in my check for $50 for next year. If each of the cars I saw around the lake would even send in $10, we would be well on our way for next year’s show.

Tom McKinney
Wofford Heights

Fran’s 90th

Francis turned 90 on June 6, 2019. Party hours were 12 p.m. – 4 p.m. in the community room.
Fran, a resident of Lake Isabella Senior Apartments, enjoyed her birthday with 50 relatives and friends ranging from seniors to grade school youngsters. Relatives from Utah, Reno and other areas requiring long commutes cheered and celebrated Fran, resplendent in a long-sleeved white silk blouse and full length black silk skirt.
Fran’s 90th included good food and excellent cakes (much detailed planning) and ended a few hours later on the north end of the Senior Apartments with relatives and local friends watching fireworks with enthusiasm and good cheer.
Once again, happy birthday, Fran. And a thank you for the outstanding and well-timed fireworks Kern Valley provided.

Karen E. Nichols
Lake Isabella

Poem from a Deployed Soldier

The loud screaming
Children and loved ones cheering
The trail of sparks glittering
Gunpowder smoke descending
Anticipation rising
Excitement peaking
This even is most intriguing
A thunderous shocking sound
Almost like a god yelling down
From their perch among the clouds
The bright dazzling display
Children scream but not in pain
In joy elation
For today is a celebration
A crescendo to this performance
So crude yet truly elegant
This is freedom strong and defiant
A weapon used in war no more
The gunpowder used now
To bring joy to all those around
At least for now…
Tomorrow it’s back to work
Back to the rut we’re all stuck in
But it’s Friday
And the weekend is just around the bend
So pour one out for our lost friends
The loved ones we can’t celebrate with
And remember that on this day
We celebrate not only the birth of a nation
But we mourn and celebrate the lives that helped in its creation
And continued to lay the foundation
For freedom is the one thing
That is hardest to keep
Happy Fourth of July
To all those who’ve given their lives
All those who have died
We salute you and drink to your memory
For you paid the ultimate price
Thank you all for your sacrifice
Now someone pass the Bud Light
We need to thank and celebrate these people for their lives
The lives they didn’t get to live
And thank them for giving us this

PFC Robert Jacob Aguilar II
United States Army

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