Letters to the Editor: October 9

This goes unsaid about bullies at our school. I am a stepmother of one of the bullies. So moms or dads I sure could use some good advice about how to deal with a bully. To all the children here you do not need to put up with being bullied in school. It’s bad enough that some parents are bullies to their children. So our children learn from their parents how to be a bully. So parents put your children in church every Sunday and let’s start raising our children in Kern in a Godly way, not by being bullies to them. Remember our children are our future so why raise them as bullies and not as Godly wholesome people. We should teach our children to be kind to others and being positive is always the best bet. So, Parents, just put a stop to our children being bullies and have them be wholesome wonderful children that just love the world and love other people as they love themselves. Thank you

Mary Luna
Bodfish, Calif.

This past week, our son and grandson became stranded on a dirt road off of Sawmill Rd. while deer hunting in a four-wheel jeep, so much so, they called home for help. They asked us to call Search and Rescue or someone to help them get out. After a few calls were given the name of Brian Anderson was mentioned for help, as we knew that our four-wheel vehicle could not get there. We got Brian’s phone number and gave that to our son who called and Brian said he could handle the task and from what my son told him, knew right where they were and would be on his way. He has a well-equipped 4 wheel truck with super big tires and soon he was on site and looking to see what he thought. He told my son, “We can drive this out of here, do you want me to drive?” Without a blink of the eye my son said, have at it. It wasn’t long before they were back on the main road. Our son asked “OK, how much do I owe you?” Brian was quick to say,
“Nothing I enjoy doing this kind of thing.” With that my son slipped a bit of a thank you and they were on their way. We now understand that the U. S. Forest Service also uses Brian for these kinds of things.

We are so blessed to live in the Kern Valley and have wonderful folks such as Brian Anderson who give so much of themselves.

Tom McKinney
Wofford Heights

Nowadays, the drug world is far more dangerous. Addicts now have to be cautious about buying fake pills that look exactly like the ones you get at your local pharmacy. They might think they are buying a Xanax, Oxycodone, or maybe an Adderall even. But in reality, they are buying something that is deadly. Dealers are mixing concoctions and pressing them with a little machine to make something that they think will be way more addicting and less costly. They are putting fentanyl in them which in reality is more addictive and cheap, but also deadly!! Just taking, snorting, or even IVing one pill is killing people. Before addicts had to worry about getting fake drugs that didn’t get you high. Now they have to worry about getting fake drugs that kill you. The death rates for today’s drugs is massive compared to years ago. Anyone struggling with addiction needs to get help fast to avoid this tragic situation.

For more information on the dangers of homemade pills, go to https://www.narconon-suncoast.org/blog/fake-xanax-kills-9-people-in-floridawhat-else-was-in-it.html. If you are in need of a referral to a treatment center, call us at 877-841-5509

Shauna Krout
Clearwater, FL.