Letters To the Editor

Dear Fellow Travelers of Kern Valley:

October 30, 2014, the Fellow Travelers of Kern Valley Steering Committee met with some folks who are very important to making highways safer for us all. Attending, in addition to members of the Steering Committee, were three staff members of the Caltrans Division in charge of the roads from the Canyon to Weldon and two local CHP officers.

One of the CHP officers presented statistics on accidents, injuries and deaths in the Canyon section of Highway 178, that are more accurate due to recent technical advancements. Not good news and Fellow Travelers is addressing this problem with presentations to local groups, newspaper articles and education through various other means. The second CHP officer discussed the problem of trucks off tracking and interfering with oncoming traffic and attempts to correct these events.

The Caltrans staff informed us of the progress toward having rumble strips installed on Highway 178 in the Canyon and from Isabella to Weldon. Rumble strips are intended to alert drivers when they cross the double yellow lines at the edge of a highway. Rumble strips have been found effective in avoiding accidents since they warn the driver that the vehicle is traveling in a dangerous way. We can expect, after the necessary preliminary steps are accomplished, that the rumble strips will be installed by March of 2021.

Next month, the Steering Committee will meet with the Caltrans chief for the installation of safety measures. These measures include installing additional guard rails in the Canyon, a technique that includes problems as well as solutions to road accidents.

If you belong to a group in our valley that might appreciate a presentation by members of the Fellow Travelers and or safety officers, please contact us at morrisonmorgan@me.com.

Drive Safely.
Don Morrison, Chair
Steering Committee
Kern Valley Fellow Travelers