Letters to the Editor

Scholarship Fund

After two large articles in the paper, and two letters to the editor by me over the past several weeks regarding buying things from me and the money would go to the local high school scholarship fund, I have received only 10 calls out of thousands of people.

Dick Blomgren
Squirrel Valley

Fraud in the Jobless System

Page A4 of the Friday, Sept. 4, issue of The Bakersfield Californian has an article headed “Concerns grow over widespread fraud in Calif. jobless system”. This article confirms the problems a friend of mine had after trying to deal with EDD for months. Here is her story:

She filed for unemployment near the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. After months of waiting, she was informed that she would receive a determination letter on July 30. However, she actually received two letters on Aug. 17 (over two weeks late). One letter informed her that she would start receiving benefits, while the other letter said her claim was denied. WHAT?

She called every number that was provided on the determination letters and any other phone number she could find for EDD. She either got busy signals or recorded messages telling her to hold. After being on hold for a very long time, many of her calls were disconnected. When she was finally able to speak to an actual representative (whose accent was very difficult to understand), it turned out that person was physically located in India. That is right— India!

Our government is outsourcing these very important jobs to foreign countries. That means individuals in foreign countries have all the information they need to steal an individual’s identity. Personally, I find this unconscionable, especially considering that there are millions of Americans here in the USA who need employment.

I believe a more in-depth investigation needs to be undertaken to find out why these very important jobs that involve confidentiality are being outsourced.

Karene R. Williams
Lake Isabella, Calif.

Who’s to Blame?

Watching the news this weekend and hearing our President blame the West coast forest fires on “forest management”, I cannot help but bring to mind the fact that most of these forests are actually Federal lands. What that means is that our President is blaming his own employees for the lack of forest management and, as a result, the horrific fires.

If there had been enough Forest Service funding over the years to allow for the removal of a lot of the dead trees, these fires would probably be much more manageable.

Karene R. Williams
Lake Isabella, CA

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