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Time for signs about blocking parking at camping sites
Maybe the US Forest Service can either put up signs with camping rules, hand flyers out or advertise about how to camp in newspapers using many languages.
Or cheaper; excavators have to dispose of boulders somewhere legal, so why not at these illegal camping sites to block parking?
Sounds a little like a contradiction but why not.

Donna Malahni Jackson

Wear your mask in public, it’s not hard
Here we are in the middle of COVID-19 and being asked to wear our masks when in public buildings or stores, where ever we go.
Why do folks have such a tough time in wearing a mask? It is so important that we pay attention to others when out and about.
I was in the Wofford Heights Post Office and had on my mask as well as several others, a gentleman was standing in line to be served and was not wearing a mask.
I ask where is your mask and he gave me the finger. It clearly says that inside you need to wear mask in the lobby. What is so tough about that? Folks, we need to comply, please wear your masks when out in the public not to just protect them but ourselves as well.

Tom McKinney
Wofford Heights

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