Letters to the Editor

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Hello KRV Residents,

Last week I wrote a message as president of the Chamber which I need to apologize to everyone for, after reading my own words they were undirected and improperly worded towards the continued efforts of our team at the United States Forest Service. My goal was to allow either additional funding to gain additional support for our recreation team (more boots on the ground) or allow contracted services as we seem to be under a surge of weekend crowds which meet or exceed full holiday weekend gatherings. I am sorry I mis-spoke and have only positive words for the crews working daily to keep our valley intact.

I have a request from the United States Forest Service and we need your input.

Our district ranger Mr. Al Watson is requesting community input, they (USFS) are seeking information on what special efforts would the community like to see regarding Lake Isabella Recreation, Camping improvements, Miracle or Remington Hot springs or other campgrounds around the lake or lower Kern.

Now is the time to express your opinions, as they are asking for our direct input.

Please forward any letters or emails to the Kern River Valley Chamber of Commerce and we will make sure they get to District Ranger Watson.

Thank you and stay safe,
Fred Clark
President Kern River Valley Chamber of Commerce