Letters to the Editor

On Sunday, July 26, I submitted an email to Supervisor Gleason and numerous County employees asking that they consider awarding some of the Great American Outdoor Act funds to the Kern River Valley for improvements in Tank Park. This is the email:

This email is written on behalf of the Lake Isabella & Bodfish Property Owner’s Assoc. I was so excitedwhen I read about the Great American Outdoor Act on Page A1 of the July 24 Bakersfield Californian. I
am hopeful that some of these funds (when available) are allocated to the Kern River Valley. The residents believe most of their previous requests for projects have been ignored. Here is some background:

In 2015, Supervisor Gleason and then Parks and Recreation Director Bob Larude visited the Kern River Valley. They walked Tank Park with Ron
Benoit and Jon Ream to see firsthand where requested improvements would be located. These improvements included a bandstand and picnic shelter. Bob Larude had previously provided us with pictures of several shelter options and we had selected RAM 30’x40’ like one in Arvada, Colorado. Jon Ream had even built a scale model of the desired bandstand. At that time, we were told we would be first in line for funding should Proposition 68 pass, which it did.

You can only imagine our disappointment when we were informed that our project would not be proposed for Proposition 68 funding. I personally made presentations before the Kern County Parks and Recreation Commission in 2019 and provided them with a copy of Ron Benoit’s 2016 report (which is attached to this email).

With the passage of the Great American Outdoor Act, I certainly hope that this long-requested project will now qualify for funding.

Karene R. Williams
Lake Isabella, CA