Letters to the Editor

Hoping there is a group of people or an organization that would like to take out the graffiti marked cement chimney like structure at mm 17 on highway 178 in the canyon. It can be taken down because I talked with the head of the district (in Fresno) for CalTrans a few years back.

First, I wrote a letter to the Editor of the Bakersfield Californian about that and another eyesore in the canyon. No one responded so I decided to take on getting a dilapidated trailer on the old canyon road removed that was visible from coming off the bridge to the freeway towards Lake Isabella. Took me 3 years of writing county departments, my Supervisor and finally the Grand Jury (I served on and I know it is the last resort) because of so many run a rounds with a County department.

The mm 17 structure was owned by Southern Californian Edison (no longer) and is in CalTrans easement. The man I spoke with sent out a surveyor to double check. I asked how to get rid of it—he said go to the Bakersfield office and get a permit. A big turnout is right around the bend from it for at least four cars to park.

This thing sits so close to the road and is easy to get to for graffiti markers, least with it gone it will dramatically improve the scenery. One less eyesore.

Thanks to whoever cares.

Donna Malahni Jackson