Letters to the Editor

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This is in response to an anonymous letter my daughter received due to her Trump Flag Display on Sirretta Street:

Your words were smug, grandiose at times… yet I could read between each line. Hate-filled and ugly, intended to shock when you wrote “signifying your role as the town laughingstock.” “An example of the meth-head from Lake Isabella “are the words you used to describe my daughter and it was all because of political fodder.

How lofty of you from there on your porch, with nothing to do but her reputation besmirch. ‘Twas a lesson learned, from one to another, but lessons don’t always come from your mother. “Not all will love you”, I told her that day, “not at this time, not in this day.

You’ll open your heart to all kinds of pain… the flags may never give you gain.” But she flew them anyway, in the sycamore trees. I guess it brought you to your knees. You wrote it all down and sent her a letter, thinking it would make things better, but a coward you are.

You did not sign your name, you are the one with a heart full of shame. She will go on, been down this road before when small-town smarminess showed up at the door. Not all your words were wrong on your list, you just had to add that ugly twist. So now drive-by, and don’t be afraid, tell your mother, your neighbors the beast has been slain.

Stay in your house and write like a ghost, to you judging others is what matters most. The streets are safe again for you, your mother, and dog… now that my daughters been metaphorically flogged.

-Sandi Johnstone (Kernville)