Letters to the Editor

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Interesting to see the many varied letters to the editor in this last issue of the Sun. Nice to know that people are still alive and involved in what is going on in our world.

My letter this week is towards the County of Kern. After reading that they have decided to eliminate the hotshot crews from the Kern River Valley I was not a happy taxpayer at all.

They are never late getting my property tax bill out each year with a nice reminder that if it is late they will charge a late fee fine.

What do we actually get up here from the county for our tax dollars? Isabella Blvd. is a mess, needing major repairs for years. The roads around town are old and need repairs and are cracking and causing damages to our vehicles. The boarded-up buildings around Isabella are a blight on our town and reduce the value of our properties but the county code enforcement officer seems nowhere to be found. Code violations abound in this valley and the more people get away with the more they violate.

The county supervisor that has been in office for many years has done what for the Kern River Valley? In all the years he has been our supervisor since I have lived here I have seen little to nothing, good he is gone soon.

My annual street sweep in front of my house was interesting as the guy doing the sweep stayed so long in one area he actually tore up the asphalt in front of my house. I called and complained and they sent a county worker out to do a cold patch repair. He told me this would not hold for long. Wow, I got a repair for the taxes I pay.

That asphalt overlay we got here a couple of years ago that was a real insult to us all who drive here in Isabella is now history, it has failed badly.

What a waste of our tax dollars….

With the new issues, the state/county is facing due to Covid-19 and no one paying taxes as they are out of work we will see even less done up here from the county but our property taxes are still due each year.

David Smith
Lake Isabella