Letters to the Editor

Bright Lights Follow-Up

Dear Corp of Engineers,

It has been over five weeks since sending our letter asking about your too bright lighting at your Lake Isabella Dam facility.

When will you be able to respond about hopefully how the Corp will be a good neighbor and tone down your unnecessarily bright lighting?

I did speak with Anthony Burdock in your office the week after sending our letter and he informed me our letter was with your legal department. One would hope a simple request to tone down lights in a residential neighborhood would not require legal action or advice. Looking forward to your response.

Chris Horgan
Executive Director
Stewards of the Sequoia 501c3 Non Profit

Ain’t America Great?!

Well here we go again that
POP, POP and a rat-tat-tat.
Screaming children and Mothers dropping to a bullet in the back.
Rat-tat-tat from an AK into the masses,
Suspect identified as a young white male.
People running, people screaming, then a silence from the ones hiding.
Splats of blood staining school books, a Bible, the walls, the clothing of the escaped.

Sirens blaring and lights flashing, uniforms with badges entering to subdue.
Who is the shooter? Its an open carry state or maybe it’s not,
What’s it matter when the good guy has a concealed gun and the bad guy has the automatic

“Drop your weapon” he does as he’s told
He’s gon’a be a hero to his white supremacist bros.
The carnage is bleak, the stage has been set
The Whittie’s are reading his manifesto as he’s being hauled off the premises.

Reports are com’in in of the casualties of civil war,
The dead and the injured are the victims of a nation’s leadership gone mad, gone wrong.
Oh!… Here it comes, Oh!….. Here come the words,
“Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.”

The homegrown terrorist turns himself in for the prize,
he is a hero in the white supremacist eyes.
He now has the masses at his beck and call
His manifesto torch will be passed on as his reward,
And the next victims of a homegrown terrorist are us all,
watching the drama, the real time flick, TV reality horror
show called America on our screens, on our phones, on our media feed.
Ain’t America great!?

Ellen Schafhauser

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