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As one of two remaining board members of the “Friends of the Hatchery” I would like to update the status of our hatchery.

Our last meeting was on March 13, 2019. Gerald Hatler, the Program Mgr/Calif. Department of Fish and Wildlife attended the meeting, along with other CDFW employees. It was a lengthy meeting due to several questions and answers from the members and locals attending.

The result was that the long term plans to collect brood stock for the Kern River Rainbow, would most likely take place in August of 2019. The previous year was the original plan, but, for unknown reasons that didn’t happen. The major renovation at the hatchery back in 2014/2015 was partially in preparation for raising that specific breed of trout at the Kern River Fish Hatchery.

We were advised, just prior to Whiskey Flat Days 2019, that the volunteers would NOT be permitted to re-open our museum. Two reasons were given.

1-The museum entrance door did not comply with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act.) It wasn’t wide enough.

2-The volunteers were not “vetted” and therefore CDFW would not allow us on the premises. The museum had been open and operating since 1995. Our volunteers had put in thousands of hours of time and energy as museum docents by assisting with grounds keeping, raising money through donations, merchandise sales, grant awards, and organizing and assisting in public events such as the fishing pond at WFD, Trout Fest, Free Fishing Days for kids, and Trout in the Classroom tours, etc, etc.)

Two weeks ago, I began to inquire to Mr. Hatler as to the “progress” made regarding the door remodel. The FOH offered on more than one occasion to cover the cost. Also, there are four of the original “FOH volunteers” that have been “vetted” by CDFW/ NRVP (Natural Resource Volunteer Program) and are background cleared and trained.

One point I would like to add is that the ADA requirement for a door width opening is 32 inches. The door at the museum is 34 inches. Out of curiosity I measured it myself, finally. I emailed Mr. Hatler with that information. His response was, “currently, the details of the ADA have not been completed.”
Mr. Hatler is urging anyone to contact him directly if they need clarity or have any questions. 559-243-4005

Connie Shepard
Friends of the Hatchery
Kernville, Calif.

California has a top-two primary law. For offices that are voter nominated, including State Assembly and Congressional Offices, the top two candidates will move on to the November election regardless of the vote count. If one candidate achieves 50 percent plus one in the primary it does not matter. The top two candidates will move on. I have discussed this with the Kern County Board of elections and they agree with me.

Here is the link to the Secretary of State web site which describes the law that passed in 2011:


Gary John Amstutz President
Democratic Club of Kern River Valley
Kernville, Calif.

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