Letters to the Editor

Already planned for the Canyon section of Highway 178 is the installation of rumble strips between the double yellow lines and along the edge of the highway where space will permit. These strips will warn drivers where it is safe to drive. Unfortunately, the date for this project is still under consideration and Fellow Travelers will announce that date as soon as possible. It will be necessary to interrupt traffic flow along sections of the highway as the strips are installed. But the added safety once the strips are installed will make that inconvenience worthwhile.

In addition, the Caltrans Safety Director for Region 6 will visit us the first week in March to access possible additional safety features that might be installed. Of course, the most important safety features possible are the driving habits of folks traveling in the Canyon! So Kern Valley Fellow Travelers asks you to not over-drive your headlights night or overdrive your vision on blind curves or dips in the road!

Fellow Travelers
Kern River Valley, Calif.

The Kern Valley Exchange Club is seeking scholarship applicants for people living in the Kern River Valley who are pursuing a post-secondary education, including vocational training.

Applications are open to graduating high school seniors, currently enrolled college students, and to those who have decided to return to school in a graduate program, or to pursue a bachelor’s degree, an associated arts degree, or vocational/trade school training on either a full time or part-time work basis. Kern Valley High School seniors must submit applications through their school counselor. All others may submit their application directly to the Kern Valley Exchange Club at P.O. Box 508, Lake Isabella, CA 93240.

Applications are available through email to patisabella12@google.com or on the Kern Valley Exchange Club Facebook page. Applications are also available at the Kern Valley Community School, the Kern Valley Library, and the Kern Valley Sun office.

Applications must be received by March 29, 2020 to be considered. For more information call 760-223-1937.

KRV Exchange Club
Kern River Valley, Calif.

In the Feb. 5 Letters to the Editor, Williams wrote about there not being anything in California Primary Info. Guide except for Prop. 13 BONDS. She’s right!

Be careful what you vote for. A yes vote means more taxes on your property, etc. Don’t be fooled! They’re still trying to get rid of Prop. 13. They want all our money.

My mother worked hard to get that one on the ballot way back. I know, because, I walked with her door-to-door with the petition and it got on the ballot to be voted on and won.

Nothing on the other Measures or offices being run for. What happened to all the information we used to get?

As for the other part of her letter, there was a negative part about Kevin McCarthy not working for us any longer. Not true!

I just want you to know that my firsthand experience with him and his office, there were issues that I couldn’t get accomplished on my own, but, with his and their help these issues were resolved. So I disagree with her.
Plus, he supports our veterans and law enforcement. I do too, so this is a plus. Yes, he has my vote.

Julie D’Ascenzo
Bodfish, Calif.