Letters to the Editor

Stimulating healthy dialog about our fragile and partisan local political system is not always easy. Admittedly, I am someone who recently ran for public office in Kern County. That experience introduced me to many of the pronounced deficiencies and our local political arrangements. Sadly, what I found was systemic deception and overt partisanship were common threads contributing to the decay of our County.

To my current point, I needn’t look much further than the First District Supervisor race to see more examples of deceit and favoritism being foisted upon potential voters. It appears current Supervisor Mick Gleason and candidate Phillip Peters have hatched a ruse that calls for the use of a lofty sounding fictitious title designed to compensate for Mr. Peters’ lack of experience. Gleason and Peters have fabricated the impressive sounding job title of “District Director.”

Mr. Peters has even gone so far as to list the seeming fabricated title on his Kern County Qualified Candidate List with Occupations Statement. A title that can be found nowhere in the available list of County Job Descriptions and Salaries.

Was our Elected County Clerk Mary Bedard unaware of this deception? Ms. Bedard has an obligation to the people of Kern County and should instruct Mr. Peters to obtain a Writ of Mandamus and stop deceiving voters. She can rectify this if Mr. Peters is unwilling.

How many endorsements has Mr. Peters received based on this false title? Two elected officials endorsing Mr. Peters misspelled his first name after claiming to know him, one claimed, “all his life.” What else has Mr. Peters fabricated?

Kern County needs one honest, compassionate, confident politician with integrity. A candidate who has a proven pattern of performance and a record of service to their community.

Justin Fleeman
Bakersfield, Calif.