Letters to the Editor

To everyone living around Lake Isabella:

It’s never too late to wish and hope you have the best year (2020) you’ve ever had. We can’t change the past and the things are done to us and by us. That choice is entirely ours to make. It takes two words to get on the right track and out of control of our two greatest enemies. Ourselves and Satan. All choices are ours, either we do or we don’t. The two words are ‘Jesus help.’ By ourselves, we are no match for Satan. With Jesus, we can take on the devil and his whole army. I got totally set free in February of 1973. It starts with a full confession to one of God’s real priests. Rome is not the only Catholic Church! Lutheran churches of England, you cannot serve God and knowingly serve Satan and be God’s church. I found it hardest to break away from all several sins within months from February 1973. Satan never gives up in getting your body under his control. It’s still our choice. God bless and good choices. May 2020 be your best year ever.

Edwin Stanford
Ridgecrest, Calif.