Letters to the Editor: 06/07/17

Dear Editor,

Kern County, District 23, again voted Kevin McCarthy in to office during the last election. My brother has been disabled since he was 13, the result of a drunk driver. After many years of trying, he is finally on medication that stabilizes him enough that he can have some type of a normal life. He is taken to Bakersfield four days a week where he participates in a very helpful day treatment program that has increased the quality of his life immeasurably.

If the Republican health care bill is passed, the medication he uses will no longer be available to him; the transportation to the program will no longer be available to him. He will return to being the “Walking Man” so many in KRV know him as. That was his life, walking, simply walking to no place in particular. I cannot believe the heartlessness of a congressman who would vote for something he puts forth as a health care plan that ISN’T!! What health insurance did Kevin have before he became a congressman? Now that he has government supplied health care, he no longer cares? We need someone in this office that cares about the weakest among us. We need to get this health care plan voted down, and we need to vote Kevin McCarthy out of office.

Mike Dornner
Wofford Heights