Letters to the Editor: 05/17/17

Support of Measure C

It is my pleasure to share with you the reasons I support the Kern Valley Hospital and Measure C.

I was born in the Kern Valley and graduated from Kern Valley High School in 1954. After working in Ridgecrest for Southern California Edison (SCE), I was given the opportunity to return to my childhood home in 1975, as the Manager of the SCE facilities on the Kern River.

I share this with you because over the past four decades, my family and friends have had occasion to use the Kern Valley Hospital. The hospital has provided good medical care when we needed it most. It is now the time for us to return the favor.

The Kern Valley Hospital was built over fifty years ago. Many changes have been made to the building codes over time. The Kern Valley Hospital does not meet the seismic requirements mandated by the State of California. If the hospital is not in compliance by 2030, the state would order the hospital to close.

When a medical emergency hits and every second counts, Kern Valley Hospital may be the ONLY option. For victims of heart attacks, strokes, recreational or car-related accidents and other emergencies, Kern Valley Hospital operates THE ONLY EMERGENCY ROOM, open 24/7, in our community. The next full service hospital ER is over an hour away. I have used this facility on several occasions over the years, and I thanked God it was there and able to address my needs.

The hospital is a great asset to the Kern Valley. The financing made available through Measure C will allow the hospital to become a state of the art facility that will meet all the state codes and ensure emergency medical care will be there when we need it.

Please join me in supporting Measure C.

Tom McKinney
Wofford Heights


Response to Peter Wiechers

I would like to comment on the letter from Peter Wiechers last week. He asks why anyone who might not be able to continue their medical insurance should vote for the $98 annual tax for our hospital emergency room. You cannot be turned away from an Emergency Room, even if you have no insurance. So, if there is no Emergency Room in the KRV……….
What kind of community would this be without our hospital? I think that $98 a year is a small price to pay – just over $8 per month. What does one pack of cigarettes cost now?

Carole Heath
Wofford Heights


Withholding support for Measure C

Dear Editor,
My wife and I would very much like to vote for the new Kern Valley Health District hospital expansion. Unfortunately, we will be voting NO as of this writing.

I have been in contact with Mr. Timothy McGlew, the hospital administrator, with regard to the fact that the Rural Health Clinic associated with them does not accept Triwest Insurance through the VA Choice Program. He has discussed this with his business office but to date, their policy has not changed. This program allows veterans to use facilities outside of the VA if they meet certain criteria. The program is in the process of being updated and will allow even more vets to use it. All of the doctors at the clinic are on the VA approved list.

Sienna Wellness clinic, just two blocks down the street from the Rural Health Clinic, does accept this plan and sees many vets. This is where I receive my care now.

We will hold our mail-in ballots until the last day in the hopes that KVHD begins to accept this plan

Sincerely, Ray Leseth
Mt. Mesa