Letter to the Editor: Too Much Smoke

On Oct. 5, I awoke gasping for air.
I’m 75 and have COPD.
I called Western Divide Ranger District, who have the responsibility for suppressing the Lion Fire.
The morning of the 8th and 9th at around 11 a.m. you could not see the mountains at the opposite end from the dam.
I had a coughing attack while talking to the young man who answered. I said, “I apologize, the smoke from your fire is tearing me up this morning.” He rudely informed me it wasn’t his fire.
Then I asked if they had a Fire Control Officer and was informed he wasn’t available, but I could talk to his supervisor.
I asked her when they were going to extinguish the Lion Fire and was told they weren’t! It was too dangerous for the fire people with all the dead bug trees up there. They will let the rain put it out.
I explained my next door neighbor can’t let her 15-month and 4-year-old out to play.
My neighbor three doors down is housebound because of the fire. I’m 75 and he’s older than me .
I asked why the Forest Service is more concerned about letting nature take its course in the forest they are allowing to die than the health of toddlers and adults.
She hung up on me!
Call the Western Divide and register a complaint. Their number is 559-539-2607.

John Perry