Letter to the Editor

Vice President and the Food Pantry Board of Directors located at 4621 Lake Isabella Blvd. have some very bad news for our local low-income families. Our food pantry will not be giving out food boxes and toys this year. Steve says, “It saddens my heart to have to tell you this. It takes around 10 thousand dollars to have this program every year and there is hardly any money to do this. So, please pass this information around so everyone who is depending on this food box will know.”

Food Pantry Board of Directors
Lake Isabella

My name is Paul Archer. Three of my CSUB M.P.A. graduate student colleagues and I are partnering with members of the County Administrators Office to develop long term goals, and produce annual strategies for the future of Kern County. I have been tasked with covering District 1 and am working with Mick Gleason’s office.

In order to develop a well-rounded business plan, we are seeking to receive as much community and stakeholder input as possible. The more community input we receive, the better.

The survey that we would like people to respond to can be found on the county’s website or through the link below:


Thank you for your help with this effort!

Paul Archer
Lake Isabella