Leagues rolling on the lanes

By Ray Conner
Sports Editor

Most of the bowling leagues at Mt. Mesa Lanes are about 10 weeks into their season.

Currently, there are six leagues running. The only days that a league is not currently operating are Tuesday, when the lanes are closed, and Friday, when Mt. Mesa Lanes holds a no-tap tournament.

To begin the week is Monday Night Men’s league. This is a six-team league with five bowlers per team.

On Wednesday at noon, the Wednesday Ladies League takes over. This is another six-team league with four bowlers per team.

Wednesday evening is the Wednesday Mixed League. There are eight teams that compete on this night. This is also a four-person per team league.

Thursday is another mixed league as the Thursday Mixed League takes to the lanes. These teams are made up of five bowlers each.

On Saturday, it’s time for the youth bowlers of the valley to roll the bowling ball down the lane. There are six teams in the Saturday Juniors League. Three bowlers make up each team.

Finishing up the house leagues is the Sunday Laughlin League. There are eight teams that bowl a no-tap format. This is a five person team.

Monday Night Men’s through Oct. 29, 2018:
First place: Rednecks (30-14) – Dan Mayfield, Alan Clifton, Jeremy Atkinson, Robert Reed, and Jim Burrows.
Season high scores – Scratch game: J.C. Weghorst 280, Scratch series: Jim Burrows 760, Handicap game: J.C. Weghorst 307, Handicap series: Jim Burrows 760.

Wednesday Ladies, through Oct. 31, 2018:
First place: Team 4 (26-18) – Marge Manning, Danelle Gayman, Zelma Ritchardson, and Debbra Cooper.
Season high scores – Scratch game: Gabby Mayfield 288, Scratch series: Gabby Mayfield 727, Handicap game: Gabby Mayfield 288, Handicap series: Gabby Mayfield 727.

Wednesday Mixed, through Oct. 24, 2018:
First place: Easy Does It (30-6) – Bryan Mead, Robert Mead, Josh Alexander, and Chris Gregg.
Season high scores – Women’s Scratch game: Gabby Mayfield 257, Scratch series: Gabby Mayfield 557, Handicap game: Donna Mead 256, Handicap series: Donna Mead 671.
Men’s Scratch game – Clayton Hiles 276, Scratch series: Brian Christensen 610, Handicap game: Clayton Hiles 315, Handicap series: Clayton Hiles 720.

Thursday Mixed, through Nov. 1, 2018:
First place: Team 4 – Zelma Richardson, Gordon Sanders, Gail Johnson, Mike Zude, Paul Zude.
Season high scores: Women’s Scratch game: Jill Putman 233, Scratch series: Jerri Witten 633, Handicap game: Jill Putman 271, Handicap series: Gail Johnson 738.
Men’s Scratch game: Jim Burrows 290, Scratch series: Darrell Dochterman 735, Handicap game: Ray Conner 303, Handicap series: Jeremy Atkinson 790.

Saturday Juniors, through Oct. 27, 2018:
Season high scores – Girls Scratch game: Bobbie Betterton 202, Scratch series: Kylie Weeden 539, Handicap game: Ashley Fish 258, Handicap series: Ashley Fish 631.
Boys Scratch game: Troyace Powers 246, Scratch series: Shane Betterton 614, Handicap game: Josh Wesala 235, Handicap series: Troyace Powers 619.

Sunday Laughlin League
First place – Double Dare Ya to Tap It: Michelle Diaz, Jan Mackey, Gail Johnson, Gene Diaz, Dan Mayfield.
Season high scores – Women’s scratch game: Gabby Mayfield 300, Scratch series: Gabby Mayfield 848, Handicap game: Janet Garrison 329, Handicap series: Gabby Mayfield 848.
Men’s scratch game: Clay Quiocho, Darrell Smith, Clark Pariseau 300, Scratch series: Darrell Smith 822, Handicap game: Derek Ross 314, Handicap series: Brett Ege 865.

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