Law & Order Public Agency Reports

Records include the name, age, city of residence, specific code violation cited, and location of the arrest. Summaries of code sections are based on information at the California Legislative Information website.

Readers are encouraged to access the full code language at https://

Sheriff’s Report – July 17 through July 24, 2020

On July 19, 2020 – JACOB GOMEZ, 19, of Bodfish, was arrested at 1700 BLOCK OF BODFISH CANYON RD, for Possession of controlled substance; Possession of narcotics; Criminal storage of a firearm in the second degree; Felony possession of a firearm; Prohibited possession of ammunition; Possession of high capacity magazine; Grand theft of a firearm; Possession of stolen property; (BP 4060; HS 11350(A); PC 25100(B); PC 29800(B); PC 30305(A)(1); PC 32310; PC 487(D)(2); PC 496(A))

On July 20, 2020, REYNA WATKINS – 30, of Lake Isabella, was arrested at 2200 BLOCK OF ALTA SIERRA AVE – LAKE ISABELLA, for Kidnapping; Burglary, residential; Occupying residential place without consent; Burglary, non-residential; Occupying real property without consent (PC 207(A); PC 460(A); PC 602.5(A); PC 460(B); PC 602(M))

On July 23, 2020, SHARI JOHNSON – 61, of Lake Isabella, was arrested at 2600 BLOCK OF FULOP ST, LAKE ISABELLA, for Disorderly conduct under the influence of alcohol or drugs; Shoplifting; (PC 647(F); PC 459.5)