Law Enforcement and Locals Hit It Off

By Shannon Rapose / September 26, 2017

By Shannon Rapose
Kern Valley Sun

Photo by Donna Harris / Freelance Photographer

Tons of laughs were shared, and even some softballs were thrown, at the Local Law Enforcement vs. Local “Criminals” Co-Ed Softball Game on Saturday, September 23.
The “Just For Fun” Co-Ed Softball Game was organized in an attempt to give the local community the opportunity to interact and get better acquainted with local law enforcement officers from the Kern County Sheriff’s Office, BLM and California Highway Patrol in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. It also showed community members that law enforcement officers are just as human as everyone else and can have a good time, while laughing at themselves. It is in the works to make this softball game an annual community event with the ability to raise funds for a local cause or organization.

“We had a blast and it was a very fun game,” said Sgt. Josh Nicholson of the Kern County Sheriffs Office. “Most of us on the law enforcement team had never played softball, but we would definitely like to do it again in the future. We appreciate the invite from the local softball league and it was nice to play in the area we work. All of the law enforcement members played on their free time and voluntarily wanted to play.”