Lack of care in the Community

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By Paula Andrade

I find it so distressing that our community seems to care so little of each other. I support our local market, hardware store, pharmacy and restaurants.

I appreciate having these services and it’s important to me that they are here. How is it some of them do not care enough about their employees or customers to simply follow CDC guidelines.

Why is it they claim it infringes on their freedoms to simply wear a mask and require all who enter to wear a simple mask when it is proven to be over 90% effective in stopping drop-lets spreading.

People have fought and died for our freedoms. Now in the face of an enemy that is more transmissible than anything we have seen for ages, that leaves people dying in hospitals unable to even be visited by their loved ones that the very places I’ve relied on for medications and food cannot wear a simple mask.

Thank you to Archie’s and the other business that do value their employees. I pray after the massive influx of outsiders to our valley none of our checkers in our market succumb to this deadly virus. But, at least the merchants can say they made bucks this weekend.

FREEDOMFIGHTER - June 18, 2020

The CDC lol thats funny your a good slave .According to the cdc own website. They give 5 studies that they say made them make their mask decision. Not 1 of the studies say anything about wearing a mask makes you safer( Not 1) but some say the opposite.Get a wider view of what’s real and what’s not.But if the mainstream whore media is pushing the narrative it’s probably not.

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