KVHS Hosts GATE Orientation

Photo Submitted – On January 14, 2019, KVHS participated in a district wide GATE Orientation night, introducing incoming freshmen and their parents to the GATE program, teachers and students.

By Alexis Morales
Special to the Sun

On Monday, January 14, schools all across the Kern High School District participated in a GATE Orientation night for incoming freshmen and their parents. Kern Valley High School held their orientation night in the KVHS library from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. There, staff members who teach courses and are involved in the Gifted and Talented Education program (GATE) gave informational speeches about the program and what the course entails.

The GATE program offers students with high potential a rigorous course to help prepare them for college. The classes challenge the students academically and offer a more enhanced approach to learning. Students enrolled in these courses will gain more experience in depth with concepts and formats that will be vital in college level classes. These classes are usually only for 9th and 10th graders, and then the GATE classes lead into honors, AP, and dual-enrollment courses later on in their high school career. For students to qualify to be in the GATE program, the school looks at their STAR test scores, GPA and their teacher recommendation or evaluation. However, students must submit an application before these records are looked into.

The GATE program has been in Kern Valley for many years, and they have made a lot of improvements in the last two years. Kern Valley has now given GATE students more opportunity to enhance their transcripts by encouraging to do community service projects, take on leadership positions and join extracurricular organizations outside of school. Kern Valley even gives “The KVHS GATE Steps to Success Program” that has a list of steps to guide a student to do everything they need to do by their freshmen year. The high school also provides a lot of college trips, so that students can experience themselves what college life will be like and to learn more about colleges. There are four trips a semester with various tours of colleges and museums that change every year.

With all to be considered, the Gifted and Talented Education Program offers a wide range of opportunities for incoming freshmen today. With all the academic field trips and enhanced learning methods, students coming into the GATE program have a lot to look forward to. The applications for consideration into the program have been mailed, but they can also be obtained at the high school in case a student did not receive one. Kern Valley High School encourages students to take as many opportunities as they can to get ahead.