KVHD receives dialysis services

Press Release

Kern Valley Hospital and Sanderling Renal Services are combining forces to offer dialysis services to Lake Isabella residents. Sanderling Renal Services is a leader in home dialysis. Kern Valley Hospital has been in discussions with Sanderling for two years to bring this important service to Lake Isabella.

Dialysis patients will be given the option of receiving their treatments in their homes, assisted by a qualified dialysis technician. Sanderling provides these services without any additional charge to patients. In addition to the clinical benefits, this service eliminates the time-consuming commute to a dialysis center for treatments three times a week.

Sanderling will also be providing nephrology support for Kern Valley Hospital as well as dialysis services for patients when they are hospitalized or in the Skilled Nursing Facility.

Sanderling’s team of nephrologists, nurses and technicians are committed to serving Lake Isabella.

A Town Hall Meeting for dialysis patients or community members interested in learning more about the service will be held on Sunday, April 22, from 3-4 p.m. in the conference room at Kern Valley Hospital. Contact Deborah Hess at Kern Valley Hospital with questions. Her number is (760) 379-5257 extension 24.

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