KV runs past Desert to pick up a victory

By Don Hazard
Coach’s Submission

On Oct. 11, Kern Valley traveled to Desert High School to compete in a High Desert League Dual Meet. Boron High School was also there to compete.

The Kern Valley girls’ team wanted to beat Desert after not scoring in the High Desert League Invitational several weeks ago when only four runners finished the race. In cross country, your seven fastest team members are varsity, and everyone else is jayvee. You must have at least five of your seven finish the race for a team score.

The Lady Broncs would win the race 23-32.
Kern Valley was determined to have five girls finish the race. Desert has a tough course with long hills and soft sand.

The team started the race together and ran as a team for the first two miles so they could motivate each other. Nina Gaudsmith had her best race of the year and finished second (28:34). Bella Williams finished third (29:21). Brooke McKillop had her best race of the season and came in fifth (31:37). Makenzie Christensen and Kaitlyn Anderson ran the entire race together and crossed the finish line at the same time in sixth and seventh (35:05).
The Lady Broncs are currently ranked 10th in their division in the central section of CIF.
Shawn Luker is battling a twisted ankle and did not race for the Broncs.

Today on their home course, Kern Valley races against Frazier Mountain. The race starts at 3 p.m. on the Auxiliary Dam.