KV plays in the rain

By Ray Conner
Sports Editor

The Lady Broncs tennis team played under a threat of rain in both matches this past week.

The first match was a date with their rival Bishop. Going on the road, the Lady Broncs played under cloudy skies and rain before during and after the match.

The Lady Broncos were able to claim the High Desert League win in a close match. Kern Valley took four team points, while Bishop earned five.

Playing a pro-set format in 75 degree weather, the Lady Broncs won two singles and two doubles for their team points.

Taking wins in singles was Hannah Ocampo as she won 8-5. River Sartor took her set 8-4 to close out singles points for the Lady Broncs. In other singles action, Hannah Hurley lost 4-8, Maddie Hurley dropped her set 8-9 (4-7 tiebreaker), Kaitlin Davenport 4-8, and Riley Quinn lost 8-9 (4-7 tiebreaker).

The Kern Valley team of H. Hurley and Ocampo won their set 9-7, while the team of M. Hurley and Sartor won their set 9-8 (7-3 tiebreaker).

The team of Cara Parks and Nikki Brooks lost a close set 6-8 to wrap up the match and send the Lady Broncs home with a loss.

Head coach Brian Christianson said, “Just kind of a strange day at Bishop. When we arrived it was raining pretty heavy, and the courts were drenched. The Kern Valley girls and I then swept the courts and dried them. The whole day there was a threat of rain starting back up, so we tried to hurry things along. Finally, with about 20 minutes to go in the match, it started raining steady again.”

Three days later the Lady Broncs got back on track as they dominated Rosamond. Kern Valley would lose only one set the whole day. Under another threat of rain, the Lady Broncs swept the doubles sets and won five of the six singles to take the match.

Another pro-set format because of the weather, and another 75 degree day, Kern Valley started with singles play where H. Hurley who trailed much of the set rallied to come back and win 8-7 (7-3 tiebreaker). She was down once 7-4 before taking the set.

M. Hurley took her match 8-7 (7-2 tiebreaker), while Ocampo won 8-3 and Sartor won 8-love. Christianson quipped, “River totally dominated this match” Quinn dominated and won her set 8-1.

Christianson added, “This is the best Riley has played this year.”

Davenport in singles came up short as she fell 5-8 in her set.

Turning to doubles, Kern Valley took the broom to the Lady Roadrunners as they collected three rather easy set wins.

The team of Hannahs, Hurley and Ocampo won 8-2, the team of M. Hurley and Sartor won 8-2, while the team of Parks and Brooks won 8-3.

Christianson said, “This was a nice win for the girls.”

Kern Valley had a match with Desert on Tuesday as they went on the road in hopes of making it a three-way HDL title maker.

Tomorrow they will return to Bishop to compete in the HDL Finals.