KRVR President’s Message

By John Blythe
Special to the Sun

It has been a little over six months since taking office as president of Kern River Valley Revitalization. I am happy to report that our valley’s economy is starting to turn around this summer season with a full lake and a handful of visitors from just about everywhere. This is very vital the financial health of the Kern River Valley.

However much more is needed for the future of our valley and after attending a few of the recent East Kern Economic Alliance Meetings, KRVR is seeking to partner with the Kern Economic Development Corporation and we are looking at holding our first visioning summit during the off-season, possibly in October. KRVR would like to hold this summit in conjunction with the two Chambers of Commerce, local businesses and residents of the valley. What we hope to accomplish at that time is getting an understanding of what the community’s needs and concerns from an overall valley-wide perspective.

While the economy is a crucial factor to our valley and while we hope the future Isabella Dam construction project will not cause too much of an economic disruption, there are other issues that are important to residents including crime, the hospital’s seismic issues and education concerns, all of which should be discussed in our future visioning meetings. On these topics, I am happy to hear that the Kern County Sheriff’s Department has added two new deputies to the Kern River Valley and as to the hospital’s seismic issues, with the failure of Measure C, the healthcare district will look at another measure in the near future.

I want to encourage the community to come to our KRVR Community Meetings held on the first Wednesday of every month at 9:00 a.m. at the Kernville Community Room. The community’s input is important to the betterment of our valley and to future generations.