KRV Heritage Foundation Takes Stewardship of Hanning Flat

Photo submitted Kern River Heritage Foundation
Hanning Flat is a conservation effort of about 3,800 acres.

Kern River Valley
Heritage Foundation

The Kern River Valley Heritage Foundation is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of over 3,800 acres of the area known as Hanning Flat. This conservation effort is the result of over two years of work to help secure funding from five different sources.

While there will be no immediate changes to the area, wildlife habitat enhancement and natural resource protection will be some of our first steps. We will also be developing our plans for public access. We anticipate identifying some hiking trails to explore the higher elevations of our new preserve. So, watch for a “Hike Hanning Flat” announcement.

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FREEDOMFIGHTER - June 27, 2020

Thats to bad!! they will eventually take all the land around water ways and denied you access. This is nothing more than agenda 21/30 at work. The U.N. KEEP THESE PEOPLE OUT OF OUR COUNTRY .There wolfs in sheep clothing

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