KRV Chamber President’s message

Fred Clark
KRV Chamber of Commerce

Hello residents of the Kern River Valley,

It is hard to believe we are already three months into the new year which has taken an interesting and dangerous turn for many in the world we live in.

Every resident in the Kern River Valley is consumed with the media outlets as we continue to see the number of Coronavirus cases rise not just on a global level, a national level, at the state level but most of all our Kern County levels and wonder just how long until this virus hits home.

As I watch the daily updates from Kern County Public Health one key item jumps out daily, WASH YOUR HANDS WASH YOUR HANDS WASH YOUR HANDS. This one act only could have a great impact on you and or your family contracting this horrible virus we are all dealing with today.

One thing I need to bring up which is concerning, we live in a fantastic region we call the Kern River Valley. So many of us go above and beyond to help one another in so many ways, yet we have a number of locals who have become extremely verbally abusive to our local store workers as they do their daily jobs to ensure you get what you need. This needs to stop!!!

We need to stand together and support one another as this virus is mentally tearing people down to act in ways they normally would not do. Our local grocers and their employees are here for you all year long, give them the respect they deserve in these trying times. It is not the company’s or employee’s fault that items in the supply chain have ran low, they could not have seen this panic buying situation come to a head.

Kern River Valley Residents: SOCIAL DISTANCING is about standing together, strengthening our relationships even when we are physically apart. Remember to BE KIND to yourself and to one another, our actions are what make the Kern River Valley a special place to reside.

We will get through this and yes it will take time, but let us stand together and help each other.

Be Safe and wash your hands,
Fred Clark
Kern River Valley Chamber of Commerce