KRLIBOR presents a check for Camp KEEP

Photo by Stacey Sanders / Woodrow Wallace Middle School
On the first day of school, Aug. 15, the Kern River Lake Isabella Board of Realtors (KRLIBOR) presented a check to Woodrow Wallace Middle School for Camp KEEP.
Back row, right to left: Wallace Middle School Principal Richard Albay, Monica O’Brien, Rita D’angelo, Beck-Starr Harris, Julie Jones, Perry Newton, 6th grade teacher Keri Halsell, Riley Embree, 6th grader Kasey Lassen, and Carol Hedges.
Front Row, left to right: 6th graders Jake Hurley, Kassidy Sietsma, Luke Brown, T.J. Sanders, Alex Armes, Kayley Sietsma and Colton Carver.