Kern Valley moves to semis

The playoff game got stopped, giving the Kern Valley’s jayvee youth football team the victory and the chance to advance to the semi finals.

The NW Mustangs, trailing 7-0 saw their sidelines erupt in discontent. The refs stepped in and stopped the game at this point.

The Broncs scored on their opening possession as Kaegan McCarthy hooked up with Carson Strange for three yards to put the Broncs up 7-0.

The following individual stats up to the point of the game being stopped are as follows.

Passing: McCarthy 2-2-16
Receiving: Hunter Watts 1-13, Strange 1-3
Rushing: Bryan Hernandez 2-14, Daimon Dedmon 1-8, Jake Hurley 1-7
Tackles: Jacob Leith 3, Hernandez 2, Ryan Prince 2, Hurley 1, Jared Stansbury 1, Derrick Hinkey 1, Watts 1, Strange 1, Colton Carver 1
With the victory, Kern Valley moves on to play Bishop in Ridgecrest this Saturday.

Arvin Grizzlies 20-Kern Valley 13
The Arvin Grizzlies end the season for Kern Valley in the playoffs. The Broncs played tough but could not make good on the opportunity to advance.
Touchdown/PAT: Gavin Anderson/Bryce Smoot-PAT, Aiden Madden-TD/no PAT
Yards: Smoot 171, Madden-53 yard for a pass touchdown, Ethan Stockwell 42, Anderson 35, Watts 7, Zane Carver 7,
Tackles: Tye Humphers 14, Reed Archer 12, Maverick Mack 11, Tyler Dourlain 7, Anderson 6 (sack), Watts 6 (INT), Smoot 5, Stockwell 5, Carson Parks 5, Carver 4, Daniel Hinkey 2, Deegan Lee 2, Wyatt Stuck 2, Madden 1, Drake Posney 1, Nick Bangert 1

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