Kern Valley Hospital Foundation will hold diabetic cooking clinic

By Caleb Lombardo

Each year, over 1.5 million people in the U.S. are diagnosed with diabetes.

Diabetes is a growing health problem in the United States, and it isn’t going away anytime soon. However, a diabetes diagnosis does not mean that you’ll never be able to take joy in your favorite foods again.

The Kern Valley Hospital Foundation (KVHF), in cooperation with the Kern Valley Hospital and Kern Family Health Care, is putting on another Diabetic Cooking Clinic after having success with the program for the past three years. This cooking clinic will help those who have been diagnosed with diabetes to learn more about how to manage diet and portion control post-diagnosis.

Open to the general public but with very limited space, this course will feature a wide variety of meals that many thought they’d never be able to enjoy again.

“Usually when people are diagnosed with diabetes, they pretty much think their life is over because they can’t eat their favorite food,” Deborah Hess, a Kern Valley Healthcare District employee, told the Kern Valley Sun. “This class is to show them that they can still eat some of their favorite foods.”

When students arrive at the class, they’ll enjoy a tasty dish prepared by the instructors. Then they’ll receive some educational and informational materials that will help them to prepare that dish in a diabetes-friendly way. In addition, students will learn about the tricks of the trade when it comes to preparing dishes that are tasty yet nutritious.

The Foundation has put on these cooking classes twice a year for the past three years. This year, they are adjusting their class sizes due to COVID-19.

“The class size is usually 10-12 but will be six plus the instructors,” Hess said. “COVID-19 guidelines will be followed.”

There will be three classes this year, each occurring a week apart on Saturdays. The first class will be held on Saturday, Nov. 7; with the next two being held on Nov. 14 and 21, respectively. The classes will run from noon – 1:30 p.m. each time. The program is free of charge courtesy of a grant from Kern Family Health Systems.

With only six individuals allowed to attend each class, it is recommended that you sign up as early as possible. Students should bring their favorite cooking knife to assist them in the class.

For questions about this series of classes from KVHD, contact Deborah Hess at (760) 379-5257, ext. 4, or program instructor Jeri Hornstein at (818) 800-8593.

Sara - October 28, 2020

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