Kern Valley High School honors spring athletes

By Ray Conner
Sports Editor

Signaling the end of the sports year at Kern Valley High School, Awards Night was held on May 21 for their spring athletes.

The highlight of this evening was to honor those Senior athletes that showed particular strengths in the entire sports year.

Topping the list were Conrad Miller and Tesse Monahan, who were named the Pat Mercier Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievement.

Kern Valley Sun File Photos
Seniors, Conrad Miller on the left and Tesse Monahan on the right were selected as the Pat Mercier Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievement when Kern Valley High School held their annual Spring Sports Awards Night on May 21.

Following them were Julia Amstutz and Devon Vittoria, who were selected to receive the Kenny Salyer Memorial Award for Sportsmanship.

Finishing up the senior awards were Shelby Williams and Tyler Cazares who were named the Most Inspirational Athletes.

The night moved on to honor those that were named as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) from each spring team.


Kern Valley Sun File Photos
Here are the other seniors who won awards. On the left is Shelby Williams, middle is Devon Vittoria, and on the right is Julia Amstutz. There was no photo available for Tyler Cazares.

In two cases there were co-MVP’s selected. Both co-MVP winners came from the sport of softball where the varsity CIF Champion Lady Broncs chose Sam Alvarez and Helen Hayes as the MVP winners for this season.

The undefeated High Desert League champion jayvee Lady Broncs followed suit and named Sierra Klase and Amberlee Ross as Co-MVPs.

For varsity baseball, Spencer Hansen took the MVP award, while the jayvee Broncs selected Kenny Porter as their MVP for this season.

For the girls track team, Adeline Goulding was chosen as their MVP, while Brett Grimsby was selected for the Broncs track squad.

Last, but surely not least, the Kern Valley golf team named Adam Wood as the team’s MVP.

Before getting to the brainiac student athletes of the night, certain teams chose a Kern Valley athlete that was named as the Most Improved Player on the team.

Varsity baseball named Nick Thomas, varsity softball selected Haily Martinez, boys track named Isaac Steers, girls track selected Isabella Williams, and the golf team chose Wyatt Lykins.

There were 13 Lady Broncs across three teams that were honored for their accomplishments in the classroom.

The varsity softball team and the girls track team each had five athletes given the Academic Achievement Award.

The varsity Lady Broncs softball team saw Samantha Alvarez (4.5 GPA), Helen Hayes (4.2 GPA), Hannah Ocampo (4.2 GPA), Kassy Opferman (4.2 GPA), and Riley Blunkall (4.0 GPA) pick up the award.

The Lady Broncs track squad had Julia Amstutz (4.5 GPA), Arika D’Amico (4.5 GPA), Maggie Guarneros (4.2 GPA), Isabella Williams (4.2 GPA), and Sharon Reyes (4.0 GPA) earn the award.

The jayvee Lady Broncs softball team’s two Academic Award winners were Arian Hess, Sharon Reyes (4.0 GPA), and Mila Morgan (4.0 GPA).

Last but not least, Sydney Orellano Martinez of the Kern Valley golf team won the award.

By comparison, the Broncs had four athletes honored for their academic achievement.

Varsity baseball had two winners in Devon Vittoria (4.5 GPA) and Tanner Tito (4.3 GPA).

The jayvee squad saw Jeff Cawein take home the award, and finally, Jason Phillips of the Broncs track team won the award.