Kern Valley drops two matches

By Sabine Mixon
Coach’s Submission

The Kern Valley varsity volleyball squad faced two tough teams last week in rivals Cal City and Bishop.
The team lost the match to Cal City Oct. 10 with game scores of 19-25, 12-25, and 15-25.

Based solely on the scores, this might look like a loss, but the girls came out of the game excited and lively, realizing that they had achieved several match goals. Part of the excitement came from the fact that the girls were on fire digging the ball up off the court, and the stats were spread around, illustrating the teamwork that went into saving the ball.

Scooping up digs were Abby Achorn (5), Arian Hess (3), Krista Witten (3), Destiny Chaparro (2), Bradlie Preston (1), Michaele Dietzel (1), Alyson Bangert (1) and Bailey Hurst (1).
The team also put down a total of 14 kills in the match collected by Dietzel (5), Alyssa Servin (3), Witten (3), Preston (2) and Bangert (1).

The Lady Broncs aced Cal City six times with honors to Hess (3), Hurst (2) and Chaparro (1). However, the two stuffed blocks executed by Witten and Bangert caused the most excitement. A bit of a David and Goliath story, while the team also put up 27 block attempts [Bangert (6), Servin (6), Dietzel (5), Witten (5), Preston (3), Hurst (2)] slowing down the Cal City attackers and allowing for better passing by Kern Valley.
The Lady Broncs are thrilled with how blended and bonded they have become as they continue to increase the quality of play on the court.

While facing Bishop on Oct. 12, the Broncs came out slow, losing the first two games 15-25 and 11-25. By the third game they were warmed up and came back to beat the Lady Broncos 25-23. In the fourth game, they started off with the lead but lost some steam and ended up taking the loss 16-25.

Yet again, goals were met and after the match the locker room was filled with excitement when the realization hit that they had minimized serving errors to only five in four games, increased the Kills to 21 [Servin (7), Preston (5), Dietzel (5), Bangert (3) and Witten (1)], racked up four stuffed blocks [Witten (2), Servin (1) and Preston (1)], and increased the block attempts to 49 [Witten (18), Dietzel (7), Preston (7), Bangert (7), Servin (6), Hurst (3) and Kassy Opferman (1)].

Opferman also had top honors in the dig department with nine, while more were added by teammates Achorn (6), Witten (5), Preston (5), Chaparro (4), Hess (2), Servin (2), Bangert (1) and Hurst (1). Servin had the top serving honors with six aces, followed by teammates Achorn (3), Hurst (3), Hess (2), Witten (2) and Preston (1).
The Lady Broncs traveled to Edwards Air Force Base on Tuesday and then will host Frazier Mountain for their final home match of the season. Senior, Dietzel will be honored and all are invited to attend the final home volleyball match of the 2017 season.