Kern Valley athletes making trivia exciting

By Ray Conner
Sports Editor

Okay, another round of trivia is heading your way.

There are only three questions this week, but they continue to make you want to try and come up with the right answers. For this writer my average is 1-for-as many questions as we had on the sports pages of the Kern Valley Sun.

I only have guessed correctly one question and that was in wrestling.
Before getting to the new trivia we must not forget to get the answers from the previous week.

And speaking of wrestling the answer to the trivia question of who has the fastest pin. The honor goes to Thomas Smith (six seconds).

The basketball question was which brothers have the most combined assists in boys’ basketball since the 1999-2000 season? The answer is Dustin and Zach Hefner.

The softball question was also sibling themed. The question was: Which sisters combined for 80 wins on the pitching mound? The answer is the Yasin sisters, Jessica and Ashley.

For the baseball question of: Only once have two teammates collected over 40 hits each in the same season. Who are they and what year did this occur. The answer was Tom Creighton (51) and Jimmy Blue (44) in 1998.

The question from the sports pages of the Kern Valley Sun: The question was: What was the varsity Broncs win/loss record in the 1999-2000 football season as they closed out the decade? The answer was 6-4 as they knocked off Bishop in Bishop to secure this mark.

There you have it. Are you ready for a new set of questions? Well here goes. There are only three questions this week. They come from Track, Baseball and the pages of the Sun.

In track which Kern Valley boy and girl athlete were the last to set a school record?

Baseball: Since 1992, what school have the Broncs defeated the most without a single loss? And how many wins versus this school?

The photo question is as follows: What is the significance of this photo?
What has been fun for this writer is doing the research into the world of odd sports facts. Delivering the “Wow” for this week once again, here are the odd sports facts:

No. 1 The average lifespan of a major league baseball: Seven pitches.

No. 2 Boxing legend Rocky Marciano invented the fax machine.

No. 3 During Vin Scully’s first year as a broadcaster in 1957, he was suspended by the Dodgers for calling a home run with “He hit that like it was Marilyn Monroe!”