Keeping the distance while helping the community

Keepers of the Kern
Barbara Hinkey

Keeping a relatively safe distance with trash pickers, Reid Hopkins, founder of One Spade Youth Packers received a check in the amount of $500 from Rex and Barbara Hinkey, founders of Keepers of the Kern.

This much-needed donation to the youth organization is made possible by the Jon and Celine Memorial Fund, organized and sponsored by Keepers of the Kern and many generous donations from friends and family of Jon and Celine.

“Our organization is a leadership and character-building program for “at risk” and “economically disadvantaged” youth here in the valley,” said Hopkins. He went on to say, the kids participate in various projects for the Forest Service, such as the maintenance of public pasture fences in the Dome Lands and the Golden Trout Wildernesses. They also participate in the annual Mule Days in Bishop and have earned many awards through the years.

Due to the Coronavirus, many of their fundraising events were canceled, including the Sportsman Show in Bakersfield, the Ridgecrest Home Show and the big feed at the Masonic Lodge. “This was a loss of about $6,000 for us,” Hopkins added. “We are very grateful for this help.”

“Over the past four years, I have come to know Reid and what he does with the boys and girls he works with.” Rex Hinkey said. “I’ve seen the results of his training and example,” he added. Hinkey went on to say that One Spade Youth Packers has been a vital part of so many young adults and has redirected their paths and taught them many valuable life skills for their continued successful venture through life.