Just One of the Guys

By Grace Harrison
Special to the Sun

“Everyone is equal on the football field.” says Kern Valley High School’s Head Varsity Football Coach Brandon Deckard. This season, that statement means so much more as Kern Valley’s varsity players welcome the first girl to the varsity team.

Meet Jordan Allen, a 17 year-old junior who is this year’s varsity kicker. This is her first time playing for the KVHS’ football team. “I’ve never really been into football whatsoever but, I just decided to do it,” she said.
According to Varsity Captains Devon Vittoria and Conrad Miller, “She can kick, she’s better than most of the boys at kicking.” To date, her farthest field goal is 37 yards. To add to this achievement, Allen also holds a sports record at KVHS. “I believe she’s the only female football player to ever score a varsity point,” said Coach Deckard. Allen was very excited to learn that she now holds a record for KVHS.

Photo by Grace Harrison / Special to the Sun

When asked about how other teams responded to playing with a girl, Miller had this to say: “They’ll say ‘Oh, wow, she kicks better than us.’” Allen agreed, saying “Other teams, they’re kind of impressed by it. They kind of think it’s cool that there’s a girl.”

While the KV teammates may disagree on whether or not Allen is treated differently for being a girl, Coach Deckard replied: “Everybody’s treated the same, you know. It took a little bit for everyone to get used to her but now, you know, she’s just like one of guys to us.” The players agreed with Vittoria adding: “She’s fun to mess around with. She can take jokes like the rest of the guys on the team.”

Many of the students at KVHS didn’t think Allen would be able become a kicker for the varsity team. “They kinda thought I wouldn’t be able to do it and actually stick through with it. They thought I would just give up cause it’s a lot of work and that I would just be a little girl and give up but, I actually kind of stuck through with it and did it.” she said.

To date, her favorite game was Kern Valley High School versus Boron High School. Kern Valley won this game at a score of 14 to 11 points. This was Allen’s favorite game because it was the team’s first game.

As the first female varsity kicker, Allen has received overwhelming support. Her biggest supporters are her dad and KV Varsity Football Captain Conrad Miller. Allen had words of encouragement to pass on to fellow female athletes. Her advice for those who want to follow in her footsteps is to “do it, definitely do it. Don’t ever listen to other people. It’s going to look good when you apply for colleges, I promise, and even though some guys aren’t going to agree with you, just forget them.”

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