Just Because You’re Paranoid Doesn’t Mean …

By Brian Smith
Special to the Sun

When my partner and I were working narcotics, we got a call from the Sheriff’s Department to assist in a meth lab surveillance at a motel. We, along with detectives from another city police department, followed these two guys from the motel through several cities for hours.

The two guys checked into a hotel, then one walked over to a diner to get something to eat. The passenger in the car who had been snorting lines all the way down there as we followed them, just took off running. We had to split up to follow him. He ran about a mile before he eventually went into a bar.

He stayed in there for about 20 minutes, then he came out with another guy. They got into a mini-pickup truck and drove for about a mile before they stopped and got into a fist fight. The driver took off and left him there. The same guy we had been following then walked over to a gourmet restaurant and laid down on a bench in the entryway.

We called the local police and they arrested the guy for being under the influence of drugs. One of the officers came over laughing and told us the guy said he had to stop doing drugs because he was getting too paranoid. He said he just felt like he was being followed. -GM