JAMZ squads makes it routine

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Photos by Donna Harris/ Freelance Photographer
First in Division 13 level 2, second in Division 13 level 3, first in Division 8 level 1. They would get invited to Nationals in Las Vegas on Jan. 24 for Varsity and Jan. 25 for freshmen. There are 22 girls from sophomores, jv, and varsity that make up the JAMZ varsity squad, with seven girls for the freshmen squad.
Varsity: Head coach- Brittney Milligan, Assistant coaches- Kathy Liske, Heather Beam, and Angelina Pues, junior coaches- Bailey Hurst, and Aryan Meyers
Varsity Jamz squad: Taylor Beam, Abby Behill, Sammy Behill, Lilee Collett, Brenna Elliott, Keira Hayes ,Devine Hosking, Peyton Hurley, Preslie Hurley, Jayden Kuiper, Teagan Liske, Mackenzie Mack, Amy Martinez, Brynnleigh McCarthy, Jade Montes, Bee Pues, Brooklynn Robertson, Shaylee Sanchez, Summer Santos, Baily Walker, Avery Valdez, Cailin Whitman.
Freshman: Head coach- Sara Martinez, Assistant coach- Jennifer Martinez
Freshman squad: Kylea Rollf, LJ Kraxberger, Akemi Ball, Ashley Martinez, Akyra Martinez, Sydney Davidson, Danica Brooks.
Bottom left: The squad performs a routine at the competition in Bakersfield.