It’s a trap shoot

By Ray Conner
Sports Editor

On June 8, the Mt. Mesa Men’s Club held a fundraising Trap Shoot.

There were 15 shooters total that took their chance at the shoot, trying to be the top gun so to speak.

The Trap Shoot was held at the Kern River Valley Gun Association gun range.

The overall winner of the shoot was Wes Mercer with a score of 44.

Rob Cunningham claimed the Annie Oakley portion of the shoot.

In the youth division, Casey Williams was first, followed by Megan Mercer and in third was Maddison Mercer.

Other shooters included, John Robinson, Kyler Robinson (who would take home the splatter board prize), Mike Smith, Chase Smith, Greg Figueroa, Bill Stonebarger, Steve Williams, Jeremy Atkinson, John Tice and Fred Goldman.

Mike Rivers was the winner of the AR-15 rifle that was raffled off.

The Mt. Mesa Men’s Club was able to add to their Scholarship Program with this fundraising effort.

Photo by Greg Figueroa / Special to the Sun – (L-R) Wes Mercer was the overall winner of the Mt. Mesa Men’s Club Trap Shoot held June 8. Casey Williams was the top youth shooter, Maddison Mercer finished third in youth and Megan Mercer was second for the youth shooters.


Photo by Greg Figueroa / Special to the Sun – Megan Mercer lines up to shoot the splatter board, another fundraiser at the shoot.


Photo by Greg Figueroa / Special to the Sun – Rob Cunningham, right, was the winner of the splatterboard shoot, while Fred Goldman, left, won the second place prize.

Shannon Cunningham - June 19, 2019

Just wanted to correct a couple of items on the Trap shoot article. The youth division names are Megan Cunningham and Madison Cunningham. The picture of Robert Cunningham, he was the winner of the annie Oakley and the man to his left is Steve Williams. This was such a wonderful day for all of us that attended. Hope to be there next year. Thank you again for a day to remember!!

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