IT Chapter 2

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By: Joshua Simpkins
Special to the Sun

There are quite a few films with sequels that just seem like both films are intended to be one; or in the case of Peter Jackson three or six films. For example, Quentin Tarantino considers Kill Bill to be one film the studio made him cleave in twain. It is my strong opinion that this is the case with director Andy Muschietti’s IT films. After watching IT Chapter Two—starring Jessica Chastain (Dark Phoenix), James McAvoy (Dark Phoenix), Bill Hader (Toy Story 4), Isaiah Mustafa (The Clinic), Jay Ryan (Lou), James Ransone (Captive State), Andy Bean (Transformers: The Last Knight), and Bill Skarsgård (Villains)—I believe this is the case more than before.

Defeated by the members of the Losers’ Club, IT Chapter Two follows the evil entity known as the twisted, dancing clown Pennywise (Skarsgård) and his return to terrorize the town of Derry, Maine, once again. Only this time around, no one is off limits. When Pennywise begins to feed his dark desires, Mike Hanlon (Mustafa) calls the other Losers—now adults having long since gone their separate ways—home for one final stand. Damaged by the scars from their first encounter the reunited Losers Bill (McAvoy), Bev (Chastain), Ben (Ryan), Richie (Hader), Eddie (Ransone), and Mike, sadly sans Stan (Bean) because he never truly recovered, must conquer their deepest fears and discover their totems for an ancient ritual said to destroy the shape-shifting, sinister Pennywise. Due to the Losers lack of their childhood luster Pennywise grows more and more powerful with every terrifying encounter. Back in the bowels of Derry’s sewer system Mike sets up the steps necessary for the Ritual of Chüd, only to discover they were terribly misled.

IT Chapter Two is a bloody horrifying film that brings the jump-scares and edge-of-your-seat terror. The filmmakers seemed to have more freedom to terrorize the adult losers then they did the preteens. Yes, the scares used on the kids were totally terrifying, but the stuff you can get away with doing to adults is tenfold. The cast is amazing, and the special effects are tight. Bill Skarsgård has taken the roll of Pennywise and made it his own, though I feel he could’ve had a bit more screen time. Hopefully the powers that be over at Warner decide to release a comprehensive IT The Full Story film later down the line. Now gather together your crew and go have a scary good time at the movies.