Invitation to Participate in the KVHD Strategic Planning Process

To Residents of the Kern River Valley and Other Interested Persons:

The Board of Directors is in the process of developing a strategic plan for the Kern Valley Healthcare District (KVHD), and you are invited to participate.

As a frame of reference, KVHD is the government entity that owns and operates the Kern Valley Hospital. However, we are more than just this public hospital. Other services and functions operated by KVHD include Mountain View Health Center, including the new mobile clinic; Mesa Clinical Pharmacy; the 74-bed skilled nursing facility; additional in-patient and out-patient services; rehabilitation unit; medical imaging, CT/X-ray services including ultrasound and echocardiogram; clinical lab; respiratory therapy outpatient and more.

As part of the initial rollout for the strategic planning process, three key teams were created to study certain critical aspects of the operation. The teams will be researching and discussing issues during July and early August in preparation for the larger two-day strategic planning meeting, to be held in mid to late August.

These teams are:
1) Mapping Access to Healthcare Services – Patients’ Viewpoint
2) Mapping Patient and Revenue Flow; and
3) Mapping Community Communication Channels.

Members of the public that are interested in participating in the team meetings and being part of these discussions may attend. Please consider this an invitation; your input and ideas in making KVHD more successful in the future are welcome. Given the COVID-19 situation and the need to protect one another, these meetings may be held via conference call or virtually using an Internet platform.

Additionally, the larger two-day strategic planning meeting will be in a few weeks and is open to the public. The Board of Directors desire to make this process as transparent, and inclusive as possible. We encourage members of the public to participate and be part of the process. We hope you

Please contact Debbie Hess, KVHD Public Relations Coordinator at 760-379-5257, extension 4, or via email at for further information and for specific details on meeting dates, times, locations, and participation instructions.

Further, the public is encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas with any member(s) of the Board of Directors; we are here to represent your interests. Names and email addresses are at .

Ross Elliott, Chairman
KVHD Board of Directors